Advantages to Using Texas Timber Mulchers

Cedar brush and other unwanted vegetation is a problem that plagues many Texas Hill Country land owners. Some of the many problems that this troublesome brush causes include robbing the soil of crucial water, thieving the natural resources from more desirable native grasses and trees, and preventing property from reaching its maximum market value.

Water is one of all living things most primary of needs. It is also a resource that has been greatly taken for granted and its scarcity has in recent years become a major issue and source of concern for Hill Country land owners. It is important that any unnecessary water wasting be controlled and many restrictions have been put into place during the driest of times. But one of the Hill Country’s largest consumers of water continues to go unchecked; cedar brush and other unwanted overgrowth. Every day these plants drain the soil of tens of thousands of gallons of precious water per acre, stealing it away from the deserving native trees, plants and animals.

If cedar brush overgrowth could be controlled amazing transformations would occur across the rolling hills of Texas. Soil would be enriched and stabilized with increased native grass growth, providing a rich source of nutrients for grazing wildlife and livestock. In addition, hundreds of natural springs and wells that have been dry for many years would have the opportunity to flow once again, sharing their water with all of the native wildlife. Also, the plant that the Texas Hill Country is probably best known for, our majestic live oak trees, will have the opportunity to grow to their maximum size and potential returning the landscape to one of rolling grassy plains dotted with massive sprawling oaks.

It is this breathtaking landscape that is drawing potential buyers to the Texas Hill Country from all over the United States. However, for many sellers it is difficult to showcase the true beauty of their land because of the thick blanket of cedar brush that blocks views, hides the beautiful oaks and in many cases prevents access to areas even on foot. Having the cedar brush and unwanted overgrowth cleared opens the views, highlights the oaks and in the end makes the property appear significantly larger; making it easier for the owners and potential buyers alike to appreciate the value the land truly holds.

Once the decision is made to reclaim the resources of your land, it is of primary importance that the clearing is done properly. In the past, skid loaders and large bulldozers were used to knock trees down, push them into piles, and burn them. This method creates a long list of problems for the land. Most importantly, when a tree is knocked down and its root system pulled, it exposes all the surrounding soil to the elements. With no roots intact, the first heavy rains begin to wash the majority of the soil away. With the canopy removed, the sun bakes the soil into a hard, almost concrete-like barrier and the soil temperatures rise to levels that prevent in germination of forage grass seeds. What is soon left is a landscape of small starving trees trying to grow in piles of rocks and stumps. Other problems with the dozer method include unsightly brush piles, some that have to sit for long periods of time until the summer burn bans that all Hill Country land owners are familiar with are lifted, stumps that dot the cleared areas, and once the piles are able to be burned, large scorch marks on the burn area where nothing will grow for several seasons. Fortunately, there is a better way!

Using specialized equipment, Texas Timber Mulchers is able to cut and shred the unwanted cedar brush and other overgrowth in place, in one step, leaving nothing behind but a protective bed of mulch. The equipment acts in a very similar way to your mulching lawnmower, shredding up the vegetation and returning it to the soil from which it came to begin the decomposition and soil nutrient re-enriching process.

The benefits of using our methods include:
• Maximum soil erosion protection and stabilization with a mulch bed that shields the soil from hard rains and insulates it from the scorching summer sun.
• Maximum soil moisture retention. The moisture will remain in the soil and thus be available for use by the desired trees and forage grasses for maximized growth. Also, once the soil is fully saturated, the water will seep deeper to refill aquifers and water tables, which feed natural springs and wells with clear, naturally filtered water.
• The mulch bed protects grass and tree seeds and allows for productive germination.
• The increased water and food supply will in turn boost the health and populations of native wildlife and domestic livestock.
• Our method is the most efficient and cost effective way to clear land with the highest benefit to both the land and the land owner.

If you are ready to get the most out of your property, either from its majestic trees and rolling open grasslands, from its investment value, or from its ranching utility, Texas Timber Mulchers would be happy to meet for a free consultation.

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